Silver Diamine Fluoride


Information on Silver Diamine Fluoride


Silver Diamine Fluoride or SDF is a topical agent that is applied to open cavities to slow the cavity from progressing.

SDF slows down about 80% of cavities. It seems to work better on front teeth than back teeth.

SDF must be applied every 6 months to stop cavities from progressing. Good plaque removal is still required to maintain cavities in an arrested state.

SDF contains silver, ammonia and fluoride.

SDF is easy to apply and very cost effective to treat multiple teeth at one time.

The down side to SDF is cosmetic as it will turn cavities black. It does have bitter metallic taste initially which dissipates quickly.

The reason we may recommend SDF is to slow a cavity down until we can treat it with a permanent restoration.

We use SDF in very young children to help us slow cavities to minimize using general anesthesia in children under age 3. Unfortunately advanced cavities requires definitive treatment and so in those cases we will elect for treatment with or without sedation as decided with caregivers.