Treatment Policies


Please Read & Understand The Following


We ask that a parent or legal guardian be present at all appointments. We prefer one parent/guardian to be present in the treatment room, unless otherwise discussed. This means that children who are not receiving care must either be left under the supervision of an adult in the waiting room or at home.

Once in the treatment room, parents or guardians are requested to act as positive or silent supporters for their child, but not to provide negative information such as “ is she going to get a needle?” or “don’t worry, it won’t hurt” or “hold still”. Direction for your child will be provided gently by the dental staff. The reason for this is that parents who have anxiety, will often unwittingly transfer that anxiety to their children. Please act relaxed and at ease. We want your child to develop a sense of accomplishment and independence by allowing them constructive ways to cope with dental treatment. If a parent/guardian is unable to act as a silent supporter or a positive influence in the dental treatment room; when it is safe to do so, dental treatment will stop. If we cannot act in a unified manner with you, the parent/guardian, we will be unable to provide future dental treatment for your child.