Information on Desensitization


Desensitization Program

We offer a desensitization program for our children who are anxious and may have sensory processing differences that make dental visits stress-inducing.

The desensitization program allows us to work with our patients on a frequent basis to help them move through the steps of a successful examination, cleaning and x rays.

We have been running this program for almost 10 years with great success and that success is all about spending time with our patients at their own pace and building on their wins.

We initially try to see the patients monthly until they are able to do the steps without regressing and then we move to every 2 months, then every 3 months and eventually every 6 months.

Initially progress may seem like it is very slow and it may take 1-2 years to just be able to do an exam and minimal cleaning. Or it may proceed very quickly and after a year we are at 6 month intervals.

We believe that every child has potential to be successful and we just need to guide them through this weird world of dentistry with positive reinforcement!